Stabenow Gets Recognition from Seniors

Burton- The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare today recognized U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow as a champion for protecting Medicare and standing up for Michigan seniors during a press conference at the Burton Senior Center. Max Richtman, President and CEO of the National Committee, presented Senator Stabenow with boxing gloves so she can continue the fight to preserve Medicare and Social Security for seniors. The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare represents millions of members and supporters nationwide and is committed to protecting, the financial security, health, and the well being of current and future generations of maturing Americans.

Senator Stabenow said: “Michigan seniors have paid into Medicare and Social Security their entire lives. They have earned these benefits and should be able to count on them when they retire. I am committed to working with the National Committee as we continue the fight to protect these critical services for current and future retirees.

Max Richtman, President and CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare said: “Senator Stabenow is a true champion for Michigan seniors and is fully committed to preserving Medicare and Social Security. Seniors everywhere can count on her to fight proposals like the Ryan plan that would end Medicare as we know it. Rather than balancing the budget on the backs of seniors, Senator Stabenow is leading the effort to save hundreds of billions of dollars by making Medicare more efficient and holding drug companies accountable.”

Jean Johnson, Director of the Burton Senior Center said: “On behalf of the Burton Senior Center, we are so proud to host the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare as they recognize Senator Stabenow for standing up for Michigan seniors. So many Genesee County seniors rely on Medicare, and it is great to know that they have someone like Senator Stabenow on their side. ”

Kay Lennerth, Flint senior said: “The Ryan plan would force me to pay more for my mammograms and checkups. I’m glad that Senator Stabenow is representing me in Washington, because I can count on her to preserve and protect these important health services.”

David Arceo, Swartz Creek senior said: “As a retired veteran, I am very concerned about the future of Medicare for my children and grandchildren. I’m very grateful that Senator Stabenow is fighting to make sure it is preserved for generations to come.”

During the event, Richtman praised Senator Stabenow for her long-standing commitment to preserve and protect Medicare and for rejecting efforts to end Medicare as we know it. He recognized the Senator’s long history of lowering the cost of medicine for seniors, including cutting prescription drug costs in half for seniors caught in the so-called Medicare “doughnut hole.” Richtman also recognized her efforts to ensure seniors do not have to pay out-of-pocket for many preventive services under Medicare like wellness visits and cancer screenings.

The Burton Senior Center opened its doors in 1979 and is currently serving over 2,000 Genesee County seniors. The Center, which is one of 16 senior citizen centers across Genesee County, offers a number of services including Medicare and Medicaid counseling, weekday hot lunches, transportation, blood pressure screenings, and a program to help seniors electronically file their taxes for free.

Earlier this year, Stabenow was honored with the American Medical Associations’ Dr. Nathan Davis Award for Outstanding Service for her commitment to a Medicare system that supports physicians and makes sure that seniors can see the doctor of their choice.