April is Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month in Michigan, and the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) is encouraging all local communities to take this time to focus on the consequences of underage and binge drinking in their communities.

Alcohol Awareness Month is intended to educate people and communities about the consequences of alcohol-related problems. One in three students report they have consumed alcohol at least once by the end of eighth grade and seven out of ten students have done so by the end of high school. That is, 33% of eighth grade students, 56% of tenth graders, and 70% of twelfth graders report they have tried alcohol at least once in their lifetime. These figures represent a decline in lifetime alcohol consumption among students in all three grade levels. (Source: University of Michigan, Monitoring the Future, 2011)

According to the Century Council (www.centurycouncil.org), some important basic facts about underage drinking:

• America’s young people choose alcohol more so than any other product they are prohibited by law from having, more than tobacco or illicit drugs;

• 17% of 12-20 year olds report binge drinking in the past month;

• 35% of teens cite drinking and driving as a top social concern; and

• 42% of full time college students report binge drinking.

“The commission understands that we are a critical component to the hospitality and tourism industry, and we need to balance that with our role as regulators of state laws and Commission Rules which address selling/serving minors and overconsumption,” said Andy Deloney, Chairman of the MLCC. “We are sensitive to the issues of economic development, job creation and growing the economy and revenue and how they all are intertwined. We promote good, safe and responsible business practices. Our licensees are encouraged to be better educated, and arm themselves with all the tools available to be a successful, yet responsible business.”

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