Backroom Store Owner Back in Court

A Houghton businessman returns to court today on drug charges.

46–year–old Michael Jestila appeared in 97th District Court in Houghton this morning for a preliminary exam.

He’s been bound over to Circuit Court and he’ll be arraigned there next Wednesday, April 11th.

Jestila is facing one count of possession of a controlled substance and one count of possession of analogues of a controlled substance.

He owns the backroom store in Houghton.

Jestila has been accused of selling illegal substances out of both that store and the Backroom Obsessions store in Marquette.

He and his attorney are finalizing a deal with the Marquette County Prosecutor’s office.

The arrangement will dismiss a Marquette County drug charge against him in exchange for the Marquette store remaining closed and Jestila never again operating a business in the county.

Posted by: Mike Hoey