Marquette County's Health Status

The Marquette County Health Department released the 2012 county health rankings today.

Numbers from the study come from the University of Wisconsin and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Marquette County ranked 12th out of 82 counties in Michigan for total health.

Dr. Terry Frankovich, the county Health Department’s medical director, attributes the high ranking to the fact that the county is working to keep people healthy rather than to get healthy again.

She says that represents a shift in the medical community from strictly treating illnesses and disease to prevention.

And although marquette county appears to be doing well right now, there is a little ‘wait and see’ to the findings.

Dr. Frankovich says they’re waiting for longer-term results regarding obesity prevention and disease prevention to assess how well the county is doing in those areas.

Many other counties in the U.P. also finished near the top.

However, Keweenaw County was not given a ranking because of the small sample size.

Posted by: Mike Hoey