AFL-CIO gives Congressional Endorsements

The Michigan State AFL-CIO Announces Early Endorsements

Working Families Support Congressional Candidates Who Will Fight for the Middle Class

(Lansing, MI) The Michigan State AFL-CIO’s general board met on March 28, voting to give early endorsements to the following Congressional candidates:

District 1: Gary McDowell

District 5: Dan Kildee

District 9: Sander Levin

District 12: John Dingell

District 13: John Conyers

District 14: Gary Peters

“Workers judge candidates based on their commitment to job creation, collective bargaining rights and working families. Our endorsement process requires candidates to reach out to the local labor movement in their district,” says Karla Swift, Michigan State AFL-CIO President. “This endorsement indicates that local members have found someone who is trustworthy on their issues and who will advocate for their communities.”

The Michigan State AFL-CIO represents over one million active and retired union members across the state.