A Mobile National Historic Place

Coaster II is a 58–foot wooden schooner built in Maine in 1933, and she still sails.

But if you were to go by what an agency in Washington D.C. believed until recently, the ship is immobile.

Owner Niko Economides says there was some confusion because Coaster II is listed as an historic place.

He and his family have gotten the vessel’s listed home in the national registry officially changed to Marquette.

Coaster II has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1989.

Back then, its home port was Everett, Washington, and that’s how it was listed in the registry until now.

It took about a year to change that.

Niko says it took that long because federal officials didn’t think a national historic place could serve as an active form of transportation.

When the ship was based in Washington state, she was part of a museum.

Niko says people with that museum were happy to help in the transfer process.

Coaster II is also the City of Marquette’s official flagship.

She received that designation last year.

Niko and his family are preparing Coaster II for a new season of charter cruises.

She should be in the water again by May 1st, and she should be available for hire by May 15th.

Posted by: Mike Hoey