Michigan Motorcycle Helmet Law closer to Repeal

The repeal of Michigan’s motorcyle helmet requirement is a step closer to becoming law. The State Senate voted in favor of the repeal, which would allow motorcycle operators who are 21 and older to decide if they want to wear a helmet.

Its a choice state lawmakers decided a rider should make, not the government.

“There are times we want to give people choices, there are other states that already give people this choice,” says Republican State Senator Dave Hildenbrand.

But some physicians say the bill to repeal Michigan’s helmet law could come with serious consequences both for safety and finances.

The revised legislation would allow riders over 21 and with additional insurance to hit the road with a helmet or not.

Two similar repeal bills were vetoed by then-Governor Jennifer Grandholm. Governor Snyder has not committed to one side or the other yet. However, a spokesman with his office says there will be a detailed review before a final decision is made.