New Marquette County Trash Plan

Residents of Marquette County may soon find themselves taking out less trash.

That’s the hope of the Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority.

The agency is looking to go green, while saving some green, with its new trash plan.

The new program would mean more products put into the compost rather than into the trash.

Many items we consider trash will be turned into compost and not added to the landfill — Solid Waste Management Authority director Rick Aho says items such as film, foam, filters and mixtures would be the only trash items to be added to the dump.

The new plan would eliminate 90% of waste added to the landfill.

60% of the landfill’s incoming waste is organic waste and would be composted.

30% of it is recyclable material and would be sold to help cover expenses of tipping fees.

Posted by: Mike Hoey