Seniors Rally at Benishek's Marquette Office

Marquette seniors and community members are set to visit Congressman Dan Benishek’s office in Marquette today and demand he stand with the 99%.

The group is calling the effort a “Rally against the Paul Ryan Budget.” The Rally is set for today at 11 a.m. at 307 South Front Street, Suite 120 in downtown Marquette.

Brian Welsh, a representative for the group, issued a press release. In it, Welsh says Benishek’s constituents will gather at his office call on him to reject the Ryan budget. Rep Benishek’s constituents—many of them seniors—will tell Rep. Benishek Congress that the GOP budget proposal’s cuts to Medicare and Medicaid would devastate them while destroying millions of jobs.

From the Congressman’s office, this statement: “Dr. Benishek welcomes and encourages constituents to express their views on the federal budget debate. Dr. Benishek believes representative democracy is all about citizen participation, so he appreciates constituent comments. While Northern Michiganders may agree or disagree with parts of the proposed House budget plan, Dr. Benishek values an honest conversation on ways to reduce the federal debt and grow America’s economy.”

The rally press release continues, by saying: this year’s House Republican budget—written by Rep. Paul Ryan —is an attack on the 99% of the country struggling to support their families. The budget would deliver a $3 trillion tax cut to corporations and the wealthy, destroy American jobs, block grant Medicaid, and privatize Medicare. Rep. Benishek voted for a similar budget last year authored by Rep. Ryan.

ABC 10 News Now Senior Reporter Mike Hoey will also attend the rally and will have details tonight on ABC 10 News Now at 5:30.