Marquette County Jail Officers Get Nat'l Certification

Marquette County Sheriff Michael Lovelace says Deputies Cyndi Benson, Jeff Giroux and Robert Savola, along with Corporals Jason Kangas, Jason Osbourn, Jeff Savola and Sergeant Shelley Simula have recently earned the national designation of Certified Jail Officer through the Jail Manager Certification Commission (JMCC) by authority of the American Jail Association (AJA).


They join fellow officers Paul Carlson, Gregg Gustafson, James Herrington, Steven Holman, Thomas Mallett, Jr., Jason Sides, Brian Steede and Sue Sundblad all of whom earned their designation previously.


Certification in Jail Operations is a demonstration of competency, professionalism, strong level of knowledge, as well as continuing education and growth.  To be eligible a candidate must have attained knowledge in all aspects of jail operations, through experience, successfully complete a background application and score 80% or better on an intensive 3 hour examination prepared by the JMCC and AJA.


To date, there are only 284 Jail Professionals nationwide to achieve this designation.