Deer Activity & Car Accidents

As the weather warms up, so does the likelihood of a car-versus–deer accident.

There’ve been at least six such accidents reported to police in the U.P. so far this week, including two of them in Ontonagon County on Wednesday.

So why are there so many?

Marquette DNR staff say it’s impossible to be precise, but they believe the rapid warm–up has a lot to do with it.

Deer are on the move much more right now than they usually are in the late winter and early spring.

DNR wildlife biologist Brian Roell says they’re attracted to the grass patches that are no longer covered by snow.

Many of those grassy areas that serve as a food source are at roadside.

Fawn activity may not be on the rise, but with the sudden warmth, we’re now likely to see various other baby animals in the woods coming out of their wintering areas.

Roell is asking residents to leave baby animals alone, as they’re supposed to be in the woods.

Posted by: Mike Hoey