Soil Erosion Workshop

The apparent start of spring can mean soil erosion from the runoff of melting snow.

It’s a concern that anyone building something this spring has to deal with.

The Marquette County Conservation District held a soil erosion control workshop Tuesday.

Construction workers, engineers, local governments and others learned about the permit process.

And they got help with ways to address soil erosion issues.

Conservation District erosion control inspector Hampton Waring says some of the help with methods came from Collins & Baker Engineering, the firm that did the Dead River reconstruction project after the Silver Lake basin blew out.

The snow cover has almost completely vanished in the last two weeks.

But it hasn’t created erosion worries, just like how it hasn’t created much of a flooding concern.

Waring says the snow melt went this year in such a way that he hasn’t seen any concentration of soil or sediment materials redeposited elsewhere.

The workshop is held every other year.

In Marquette County, anyone building anything within 500 feet of a lake or stream needs a soil erosion permit.

Posted by: Mike Hoey