MSU-MGHS Residency Program Update

Marquette, MI – The Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Upper Peninsula Region announced results of Match Day for nine graduating medical students. The MSU College of Human Medicine U.P. Region is a medical education collaborative between the MSU College of Human Medicine and Marquette General Health System.


Match Day is when medical students across the country find out the residency program at which they will complete their medical education.


The medical residency interview and selection process allows each applicant to rank their top choices of medical residency programs, while the programs in turn rank their top applicants. Then, all of the rankings and results are computed by the National Resident Matching Program with a computer algorithm to most effectively link students to their preferred program. The process culminates on “match day” – when the results are revealed, and the new residents find out where they “matched” and where they will attend residency for the next phase of their medical training.


Results from this year’s match are as follows:

• Keith Burley of Bolton, Ontario, Canada, Emergency Medicine, University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, Madison

• Christa Eickhoff of Leslie, Mich., Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine, National Capital Consortium, Bethesda, Maryland

• Jeff Eickhoff of Cold Spring, Minn., Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine, National Capital Consortium, Bethesda, Maryland

• Jason Kaiser of Hastings, Mich., General Surgery, National Capital Consortium, Bethesda, Maryland

• Stacey LeJeune of Dodgeville, Wis., General Surgery, St. John Hospital, Detroit

• Kyle Pohl of Perrinton, Mich., Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, University of Michigan Hospitals, Ann Arbor

• Jessica Pruente of Marquette, Mich., Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Weiss Memorial Hospital, Chicago (preliminary year); University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver (categorical)

• Brett Sharpe of Haxtun, Colo., Internal Medicine/Neurology, Medical College of Wisconsin, Affiliated Hospitals, Milwaukee

• Andrew Swentik of Marquette, Mich., Preliminary Surgery, University of Missouri, Columbia


As part of the MSU College of Human Medicine U.P. Region, these students took part in the Rural Physician Program which offered them the unique opportunity to experience hands-on medical care in a rural setting while training at clinics throughout the Upper Peninsula.


“The one-on-one collaboration these students experienced with physicians in the Upper Peninsula during their training is excellent preparation for their upcoming residencies,” said Bill Short, MD, chief executive officer and community assistant dean of the MSU College of Human Medicine U.P. Region. “They have developed an affinity for our region and it’s our hope that once they complete their residency training, we see many of them return to care for the people of the Upper Peninsula.”


Through 2011, the MSU College of Human Medicine U.P. Region has graduated 219 physicians. Of those, 88 are from Upper Peninsula communities. Additionally, 42 Rural Physician Program graduates are practicing in the Upper Peninsula.