Spring Flooding Concern

Not long before we entered this warm spell, one of the few significant snowstorms of the winter came our way.

That’s brought some concern about flooding.

The National Weather Service station in Negaunee Township had its maximum snow depth for the season on March 4th.

The white stuff was 47 inches deep at that time, but by two days ago, it was almost all gone.

There’s no flooding reported in the central and western u–p yet.

NWS forecaster Jon Banitt says it looks like a normal snow melt season in spite of the rapid warm-up.

He says a big reason we’ve escaped flooding is a lack of rain, and with most of the snow pack already gone, most rivers and streams should only rise slightly this week.

The Sturgeon River near Chassell has risen to a near–flood level, sitting within a foot of flood stage this afternoon.

Residents are being asked to use caution when walking near its banks.

Posted by: Mike Hoey