NMU Spanish Day

More than one out of every ten Americans is fluent in Spanish.

And though there may not be many Spanish-speakers in the U.P., area high schoolers studying the language got immersed in it.

Northern Michigan University hosted its 21st annual Spanish Day this morning.

Several hundred students from 10 U.P. high schools traveled around the University Center as if it were a Spanish–speaking country.

NMU Modern Languages & Literatures Dept. Head Dr. Tim Compton says it’s an excellent chance for the students to use the language skills they’ve learned over the last few years.

There’s no English allowed — Dr. Compton says any student caught speaking English is sent for a short time to a mock jail.

The students had to perform certain activities to get their visas stamped as they travel through the fictitious country.

Those tasks included visiting various types of stores, performing songs or theatrical skits, and engaging in vocabulary and history competitions.

Posted by: Mike Hoey