Hitting the Beach Early

It may no longer be quite as warm out as it was over the weekend.

But it was still warm enough that some residents were hitting the beach this afternoon.

Temperatures in Marquette once again cleared the 70–degree mark today, as opposed to the normal high temperature being somewhere in the mid-30s.

Some people who made it to McCarty’s Cove for some sun.

No one was in the water, but Marquette Fire Chief Tom Belt says some people have tried to go for a dip.

He says they haven’t stayed in the water for very long, since it’s still extremely cold, and the potential swimmers haven’t generally gone as far as neck-deep.

Still, he wants people to be aware that the beaches can have strong currents at times.

The city does hire lifeguards to watch McCarty’s Cove and South Beach.

But the beaches don’t generally open until early June, so this year’s lifeguards haven’t been hired yet.

Because the beaches are still closed, Chief Belt asks everyone to exercise caution, especially with children.

He also asks that no one swim in the often-hazardous Picnic Rocks area.

The opportunity to hit the beach should be gone soon — the temperatures will drop into the much cooler, but still warm, range of the mid–50s by the end of the week.

Posted by: Mike Hoey