Negaunee School Board Meeting

The Negaunee School Board met for a regularly scheduled board meeting tonight, where they had a lot to discuss.

Superintendent of schools, James Derocher, discussed with the board the plans for the school’s sinking fund. Top of the list is to replace the lockers at Negaunee Middle School.

There was good news from each of the school’s principals during the administrative reports at the meeting. Currently Lakeview School has 105 kindergarten students and 35 young-five students registered for school in the fall. This is a large number of registered students for this time of year. This may cause for some scheduling confusion. But, this is still a positive for the district.

A few teachers from Negaunee High School just got back from a teaching conference downstate where they learned how to better utilize their new iPads for the classroom. Members of the board saw this as a very positive outcome for the students.

Posted by: Jordan Kelly