Houghton Neighborhood Meetings Begin

The City of Houghton will be holding Neighborhood Workshops beginning today through Wednesday.


The meetings will be held at the City Center Council Chambers on Sheldon Avenue in Houghton from 5:00 to 7:00pm.


The City was divided into three sections.  The focus today will be for residents west of M-26 and on West Lakeshore Drive.


Tomorrow’s meeting will be for those in West and Central Houghton.


East Houghton and Portage Cove is on Wednesday.


This event will be held in an “open house” format so that people can spend as much time as they like.


Members of the City of Houghton staff, Planning Commission, and a planning consultant will be on hand to meet and talk to residents.


Topics to be discussed include Future Land Use; Neighborhood Improvements; Traffic, Transportation, Walkability and Bicycling; Recreation Opportunities; Parking; and Smart Growth and Sustainability.