Save the Glacial Copper

The world’s largest piece of glacial copper was found in 1997 on private property on Quincy Hill near Hancock.

The copper has been on display in Marquette’s Presque Isle Park since 2010.

It weighs more than 28 tons.

Local residents are trying to raise money to buy the copper from its owners.

The Ancient Artifacts Preservation Society says the owners have been very patient and cooperative.

Judy Johnson of the AAPS says the owners don’t want to sell the copper for scrap to the metals industry unless they have to.

The AAPS’s contract allowing it to buy the copper expires on march 27th.

It’s trying to get an extension to September 1st.

Johnson says the group has received a pledge from an anonymous donor for $150,000, but she says the donor won’t be able to fulfill the pledge until after the March 27th deadline.

She says that’s why the group is trying to obtain an extension.

The group is trying to negotiate the sale price down from the original offer of $350,000.

if you want to donate, you can find the AAPS online at here.

Posted by: Mike Hoey