29th Annual Pigs-N-Heat Charity Hockey Game

Fire departments and police agencies have to work very closely together on a daily basis. But, for one night, all of that changes.

Marquette County Firefighters and Police Officers put on their skates and went out on the ice for some friendly competition tonight for the 29th Annual Pigs–N–Heat Charity Hockey Game. The game raises thousands of dollars each year for the Pigs–N–Heat Fire Relief Fund.

The game brings out the competitive side of both teams. This year the teams seemed to have improved their skills on the defensive end of things. The fire department won the game 4 to 2.

More than $350,000 has been raised through the Pigs–N–Heat Relief Fund over the years. With over $340,000 given to those in need after a fire.

The Mayor even got in on the fun tonight by driving the Zamboni.

If you would like to many a donation to the Pigs–N–Heat Fire Relief Fund you may contact the City of Marquette Police Department.

Posted by: Jordan Kelly