Seasonal Affective Disorder

Many of us have been glad to see the temperatures rise as much as they have within the last week.

But what are they doing for people’s moods?

As happy about the warmup as we may be, it’s not so much the temperatures going up that lifts spirits.

It’s the gradual lengthening of the day.

The more sunlight we have, the more seasonal affective disorder goes away and the more a dark mood brightens up.

Seasonal affective disorder is a condition that affects many people in northern climates like the U.P.’s.

The absence of sustained, intense sunlight can plunge people into depression during the winter months.

Psychotherapist Karen Duquette says anyone with seasonal affective disorder should see their outlook on life improve soon, but she says there hasn’t been enough sustained sunlight yet for it to happen for most patients.

She says therapy, staying physically and socially active; and homeopathic treatments like a light box all help manage the disorder through the winter.

Posted by: Mike Hoey