Ranking the Winter for Warmth

With as warm as it’s been the last few days, you could be forgiven for thinking winter is behind us earlier than usual.

Tomorrow should be one of the days to bump the average temperature for march way up.

Highs near 70 are expected for much of the U.P., and the lows should only be around 40!

That’s warmer than the average high.

March has been warmer than average, but not by all that much.

National Weather Service forecaster Jon Banitt says this March is the 18th-warmest out of the 50 years they have records for.

But he says that ranking should rise considerably within the next two weeks; he says there are many exceptionally warm days on the horizon.

Overall, Banitt says this winter has been the third-warmest winter on record at their station in Negaunee Township.

He says it’s been the fourth-warmest on record for both the state of Michigan and the country as a whole.

The state’s and the nation’s average temperatures for the winter are three and a half to four degrees above the average for the 20th century.

Posted by: Mike Hoey