Copper Dog 150 Wrap-up

The dogs and their mushers who competed in the Copper Dog 150 are finally getting a day of rest.

It was everything it was promised to be. The 3rd annual running of the Copper Dog 150 wrapped up Sunday after three days of intense sled dog racing. The midnight run took the mushers from Calumet to Lake Linden, up toward Gay, then back across the peninsula to Eagle Harbor where the last of them teams rode in around 2am.

A blustery winter morning greeting the teams on Saturday as they took off from Eagle Harbor toward Copper Harbor. It was a tough run with the first team arriving over an hour later than anticipated. But the early afternoon finish was just what these teams needed. And it gave the fans a chance to enjoy the hospitality of Copper Harbor and kids were treated to free sled dog rides. But the toughest part of the race was yet to come. The third and final stretch took the mushers to the top of Brockway Mountain then toward Calumet where it all began.

The leader after the first two stages was J. R. Anderson—ahead by nearly 30 minutes. But the last stage was almost enough to topple Anderson and his dogs—only through endurance and sheer will did Anderson’s team of dogs battle the elements to take the prize with just about 90 seconds to spare.

The 2nd place finisher was Bruce Magnusson with Jerry Bath coming in third. In the Copperdog 35 on Friday night, Jerry Trudell finished ten minutes ahead of second place musher Chad Grentz.