New Farmers Workshop Series

With February almost over, the planting season for U.P. farmers isn’t all that far away.

And it’s a good time for anyone thinking about farming as a career to learn more about it.

The Michigan State University Extension program is trying to introduce basic farming concepts to U.P. residents with an interest in agriculture.

MSU Extension is doing that through webinars, a series of Internet–based workshops.

Jim Isleib of the Alger County MSU Extension office is teaching one of the sessions.

He says the sessions include information on environmental issues, tax credits and sales, such as how best to market any agricultural products that U.P. farmers may grow or raise.

The three sessions in the course take place on April 5th, April 10th and April 12th.

If you want to know more, you can contact the MSU Extension office in Wetmore.

Posted by: Mike Hoey