Getting Pretty for the U.P. Prom Show

DJs, food and beverages will be on hand as well at the U.P. Prom Show.

But if the show is going to include runway models, those models need to be done up for the occasion.

Jessica Mariin, the head stylist from Marquette’s Utopia Tanning, Hair & Skin Care Spa, is the show’s stylist and makeup artist.

A past business relationship with Sarah Balding helped from Forsberg Flowers helped.

Jessica says she and Sarah have worked a number of events like weddings together in the past, and when Sarah suggested that she lend her talents to the prom show, she jumped at the chance.

Jessica was busy this morning preparing a young woman getting married in the near future for an engagement photo shoot.

Tomorrow, she’ll have to prepare all 20 runway models with the help of senior-level cosmetology students from NMU.

Again, the entire event begins at 2 pm tomorrow at Upfront and Company in Marquette.

Posted by: Mike Hoey