Houghton Parking Deck May Include Electric Charge Stations

Plans are moving forward to repair the parking deck in downtown Houghton.

City Manager Scott MacInnis gave an update to the city council at their meeting last night.

The latest estimate is for work to be done over the next two years, costing $570,000 this year and $460,000 next year.

MacInnis proposed a plan to pay for the project using DDA and parking fund money as well as dipping into the general fund.

Despite the $1.3 million price tag, MacInnis says this is work that simply has to be done.

Work is expected to begin on the parking deck this spring.

Electric vehicle owners may soon have a place in Downtown Houghton to charge up.

An enterprise group at Michigan Tech is looking into getting two charging stations and placing them on the parking deck behind 5th And Elm.

City Manager Scott MacInnis said the city wants to be prepared for electric vehicles as they become more popular.

The charging stations still need to be ordered but when they arrive, the city will have an electrician installment as early as next month.