Marquette Ballot Accuracy Test

U.P. cities, townships and villages have been busy lately, testing their ballot box equipment in advance of the Michigan presidential primary.

The city of Marquette’s machines were having some issues this afternoon.

A weekend power surge may have been the cause.

One machine needed to be re– programmed.

When test ballots were being fed into the other machines, they would spit the ballots back out while still counting each ballot as having gone in.

Marquette city clerk Dave Bleau says they were unusual issues to say the least, but city staff got the machines fixed late this afternoon.

Many voters have already been looking ahead to election day in the form of absentee ballots.

Bleau says about 200 absentee voter ballots have already been mailed back in, and he expects plenty more, since the primary is still another six days away.

Posted by: Mike Hoey