Ishpeming School Board: Full day for Kindergarten

The Ishpeming Board of Education held a special meeting tonight on the issue of young fives and kindergarten students attending school for a full day.

The State of Michigan has mandated each kindergarten student attend school for one 1,098 hours of instruction each school year.

If the district fails to adopt the state of Michigan’s suggestion, the school would receive a reduction in state aide.

The biggest concern tonight in Ishpeming was whether the District should base this decision on financial reasons, or because of the educational value.

The Ishpeming School Board has decided to go with the plan suggested by the State of Michigan. Starting in September 2012, Kindergarten and Young 5’s will attend school for a full day.

The next step for the School Board is figuring out placement for kindergarten classrooms with the new full day schedule. The District will also consider possibly hiring up to two more teachers.

Posted by: Jordan Kelly