Public Hearing on CR 595

The issue of County Road 595 was addressed tonight at a public hearing held by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The room was standing room only.

The public was able to give the DEQ their feedback on the proposed new road in the Kennecott Eagle Mine Project.

With support from both sides it was evident the public feels the proposed road will have a positive impact in areas such as recreation, safety and travel.

Opponents say the road will damage the environment and is being build exclusively for the use of hauling by Kennecott.

The DEQ is not able to base the decision of building the proposed route solely on comments made tonight at the public hearing for or against the project.

Public comment on this issue will be open until March 2nd.

Any additional written comments concerning County Road 595 may be sent to the Water Resources Division of the Michigan DEQ.

Posted by: Jordan Kelly