School Bus Driver Discipline

A school bus full of young people in Marquette County had a scare last week when a fight broke out on board.

The bus driver pulled over and called a supervisor.

Then the Sheriff’s Department was called in, and deputies removed a student from the bus.

When ABC 10 contacted officials with that school district, they did not want to discuss the incident.

However, it still seems to be a story that should be told.

Riding a school bus is not a right.

Most school districts, and many parents, consider it a privilege.

Bus drivers for the Negaunee Public Schools have the authority to enforce discipline on their buses for unruly students.

If students are involved in extremely dangerous behavior, the drivers can contact law enforcement on their own.

Marcia Manninen, the district’s transportation director, says the drivers also have some paperwork to fill out if they discipline a student in which they have to name the student, describe the incident and disclose what they did to resolve the situation.

The state mandates that bus drivers have up–to–date training in discipline procedures and other areas.

They have to have refresher training in every odd-numbered year order to keep their jobs.

Manninen suggests that you go over your school district’s student handbook with your child so that you both know what the rules are.

Posted by: Mike Hoey