Engineers Week at Michigan Tech

Engineers are capable of designing amazing things.

And Engineers Week 2012 at Michigan Tech honors all engineers through a series of events and demonstrations.

Assistant professor of chemical engineering Tim Eisele performed a demonstration of a hydrocyclone.

He says the device works something like the spin cycle on a washing machine, with the difference that a hydrocyclone doesn’t have any moving parts.

It spins water through centrifugal force to separate particles of other matter from the water.

Eisele says a hydrocyclone is used to recover oil from water, to clean contaminated water or to clean coal by removing ash or sulfur from it.

It pays to rub elbows with these top minds.

You never know who you’ll run into — MTU graduate Mengya Li was there today as a corporate recruiter for BASF.

Engineers Week runs through Saturday.

Posted by: Mike Hoey