Not Guilty Verdict in Houghton Co. CSC Trial

The trial of an Upper Peninsula man accused of engaging in sexual contact with his two nieces concluded today.  A Houghton County man is free after being acquitted today on a child sex abuse charge.

48–year–old Gregory Kratt of Toivola was found not guilty on one count of 2nd Criminal Sexual Conduct involving a relationship…a 15 year felony. Kratt’s two nieces, ages 15 and 16 years old at the time of the incident, testified yesterday that they were improperly touched during a visit to their uncle’s residence last September.

The attorney for Kratt successfully argued that there was no sexual intent to the alleged touching and therefore no basis for a conviction.

The credibility of the testimony of the teenage girls was also called into question.

The jury returned with the verdict after deliberating for less than a half hour.