Houghton Co. Physicians Added to Blue Care Network

Blue Care Network continues to expand its growing physician and hospital network in Michigan ’s Upper Peninsula by adding Houghton County medical providers. A total of 11 Houghton county primary care physicians, 84 specialists and Portage Health Hospital in Hancock , Mich. , are now part of BCN’s leading network of doctors and hospitals.

The expansion means Houghton County groups and their members will have a broad choice of local medical providers when enrolled in BCN products.

“We’re excited to include Houghton County in our expanding network in the Upper Peninsula, and hope to add a few more U.P. counties before the end of 2012,” said Michael VanPutten, director of provider contracting, Blue Care Network. “Adding Houghton to our HMO network will provide even more quality health care service choices for our BCN customers.”

BCN’s Healthy Blue LivingSM and Healthy Blue Living RewardsSM health care plans are available for purchase in the Upper Peninsula to groups enrolling 50 or more. Group customers selecting BCN’s Healthy Blue Living HMO products have an opportunity to save an average of five to seven percent on premiums compared to other PPO products in the area, and members save by earning lower out-of-pocket costs for their health care.

Healthy Blue Living, Michigan ’s first wellness-based HMO plan, recently celebrated five years of making Michigan healthier. More than 70 percent of Healthy Blue Living members are living healthy and have worked hard to earn enhanced benefits – the product’s most rewarding benefit level. Healthy Blue Living customers produce real results in their journey toward better health. Since 2006:

· 71 percent with high blood pressure are now within a healthy range

· 61 percent with high blood sugar are now at an acceptable level

· 55 percent with high cholesterol are now at an acceptable level

· 52 percent agreed to stop smoking

· 14 percent who agreed to get their weight under a BMI of 30 have accomplished this goal

“We look forward to working with Blue Care Network to provide another health plan option for the employers in Houghton County ,” said Jim Bogan, president, Portage Health. “Any time we can offer lower health care premiums, it is a move in the right direction.”

For more information, interested groups should contact a local insurance agent who handles Blues products or or visit the Blue Care Network of Michigan.