CSC Case in Court in Houghton County

Two teenage girls testified against their uncle in court in Houghton County today in a sex crime case. The trial of the Houghton County man accused of sexually touching his niece is underway.

48-year-old Gregory Kratt of Toivola is charged with 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct Involving A Relation…a 15 year felony. A 4th degree Criminal Sexual Conduct charge was dropped before the trial began.

On September 2nd of last year, Kratt’s two nieces, ages 15 and 16 at the time, stopped by his residence for a visit. This afternoon, both of the girls took the stand to testify against their uncle. The youngest of the two testified that she had exchanged bean dips—a playful act of flicking the breast—with Kratt.

Then Kratt reportedly took each of his nieces for a ride on a 4-wheeler…one at a time. Both girls said that Kratt touched them on their thighs during the ride. Afterwards, Kratt allegedly made a direct comment concerning the 15-year old’s breasts.

The girls testified that Kratt was drinking at the time.

Kratt’s lawyer, David Gemignani, focused on what he saw as inconsistencies to the girls’ testimony—including the number of so-called bean dips and the time in between them.

The trial continued late in to the afternoon and is scheduled to resume tomorrow morning.