Governor Snyder Visits Escanaba

As part of his Upper Michigan tour, Governor Rick Snyder held a town hall meeting today in Delta County.

It was a packed house at Bay College.

The group was able to get answers from the governor on a variety of issues.

But the session started with Snyder paying the entire state a compliment.

He says the state began to pay off its long-term financial liabilities last year, something that he says could serve as a role model for Washington as the federal government is struggling to do the same.

The majority of questions from the crowd concerned protecting the natural resources, education, and the job climate.

He says while unemployment is certainly still a problem, the picture is getting better — the statewide rate dropped to 9.3% in December.

The diverse crowd consisted of members of both parties, and

both groups had some positive comments about the governor’s performance.

The governor will continue his tour of the U.P. this weekend as he attends the I–500 snowmobile race in Sault Ste. Marie.