DHS & MSHDA Housing Help Partnership

Last September, Governor Rick Snyder signed the Midwest’s strictest time limit on welfare cash assistance into law.

The four–year lifetime cap on cash benefits for all recipients took effect on October 1st.

The Michigan Department of Human Services is trying to help people who’ve run into that lifetime limit.

That agency, and the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, offer rental or mortgage assistance.

Marquette DHS office director Doug York says DHS and MSHDA now each can offer three months of housing benefits to qualifying families who’ve reached the four-year lifetime cash limit.

DHS is contacting families reaching their three–month rent assistance limit about getting an extension through MSHDA.

York says the DHS Job Navigator program may also help, where clients who’ve reached the cash limit are matched with mentors who can help with resume-writing and job interview skills.

DHS Job Navigators are volunteers.

Families with questions about the housing assistance, or about the Job Navigator program, should speak with the nearest DHS office.

Posted by: Mike Hoey