Ice Fisherman Hit by Snowmobiler

An ice fisherman was severely injured over the weekend in Delta County and police are looking for eyewitnesses.

The Delta County Sheriff’s Office says it has identified suspects in the incident.

They say it happened after an altercation on the ice of garden bay near Ansell’s Point around one o’clock Saturday afternoon.

The victim said it started when a snowmobiler came very close to a tip–up…and to the ice fisherman.

The fisherman flagged down the snowmobiler and an argument ensued.

The suspect on the snowmobile ended up hitting the fisherman, causing severe injuries.

The snowmobiler then fled the scene.

The victim was taken to Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital, and then transported to Marquette General Hospital for further treatment.

Again, deputies have suspects in the case, but are looking for additional information from eyewitnesses.

The Delta County Sheriff’s Department can be reached at (906)786– 3633