A finnish celebration in the copper country is a special treat every winter. Hundreds of Finns and Non–Finns alike joined together this past weekend to celebrate Heikinpaiva.

The winter festival to honor Finnish tradition began with a parade featuring costumed characters, marching bands, and the Hankooki Hekki riding on the world’s biggest kicksled.

Following the parade were games of skill…like the wife–carrying & boot tossing contest. Only the strong will survive. Kids got in on the action too. I guess the snow wasn’t for everyone.

Then it was off to the Tori…an expansive marketplace filling two buildings with crafts…food…and music. And if being indoors got you too hot…Nothing that a refreshing dip in the icy waters of the portage canal wouldn’t cure.

Roughly 150 dare devils took park in this year’s polar bear dive.

If you missed you chance…there’s always next year. A video featuring the whole parade, a montage of the festival, and every polar bear diver is available on the web. Simply go to the keweenaw report facebook page.