Four U.P. MIOSHA Grads Recognized

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) recognized graduates of the MIOSHA Training Institute (MTI) at the 12th annual Upper Michigan Safety Conference in Escanaba Friday. The MIOSHA program is part of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA).

MIOSHA Deputy Director Bart Pickelman recognized four MTI graduates at the conference. “We know a strong safety and health system significantly reduces workplace injuries – which has a tremendous impact on a company’s bottom line,” said Pickelman. “For every $1 invested in workplace safety and health, employers see a return of $4 to $6 dollars. This makes MTI training an excellent investment for Michigan employers.”

The MTI has seen tremendous growth, from 917 participants trained in April 2008, to more than 10,000 participants trained today. To date, 442 MTI students have qualified for Level One and Level Two Certificates. In FY 2011 the MTI offered 133 courses statewide at 26 cosponsors, including Macomb College, M-TEC facilities, community colleges, and safety and health organizations. The MTI has two cosponsors in the Upper Peninsula: Bay College in Escanaba, and Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance in Houghton.

The individuals below received their General Industry Safety and Health Level One Certificates in 2011/2012 and were recognized during the Upper Michigan Safety Conference:

Renee S. Lundberg, Rapid River – Employer: Bay College, Escanaba (Upper Michigan Safety Council Co-chair);

Jon E. Nagy, Manistique – Employer: Manistique Paper Co., Manistique (Upper Michigan Safety Council Member);

Robert W. Page, Houghton – Employer: Michigan Technological University, Houghton; and

David A. Talford, Escanaba – Employer: Engineered Machined Products Inc., Escanaba (Upper Michigan Safety Council Member).

The MTI delivers affordable, participant-driven and informative seminars based on the most up-to-date industry standards in a hands-on, interactive environment. Students attend a series of courses that will help them develop the knowledge and skills to improve their company’s safety and health system. MTI classes are consistent throughout the state, and have the same length, format, resources, activities, objectives and assessment.

In July 2009, MIOSHA developed an MTI Scholarship Program to help employers, employees and others attend training during these difficult economic times. The scholarships cover half the cost of an MTI class anywhere in the state. Unemployed workers can apply for the entire cost and only pay the $25.00 data base fee. To date, MIOSHA has provided more than $120,000 in scholarships.

Participants can attend MTI courses at any cosponsored location across the state. All participants who successfully complete a course become part of the MTI database managed by Macomb College. Transcripts are available to all participants.

The MTI assessment-based certificate program offers participants an opportunity to be recognized for their educational efforts and increased technical expertise. MTI courses offer a Level One Safety and Health Certificate, with two tracks, General Industry and Construction. MTI courses also offer Continuing Education Credits and Maintenance Points.

The MTI started offering advanced training in 2010, and the Level Two Certificate is offered in two areas. The Level Two Safety and Health Management Systems Certificate provides in-depth information on the management of safety and health systems. The Level Two MIOSHA Compliance Certificate provides technical training on MIOSHA standards, and offers General Industry or Construction certificate tracks.

Macomb’s Public Service Institute (PSI) administers the MTI. The PSI educates students and working professionals for positions of responsibility and leadership in public service that includes police, fire, emergency medical services, and industrial health and safety training.

The 2012 Upper Michigan Safety Conference is hosted by M-TEC at Bay College and is sponsored by 20 organizations, including MIOSHA. The 2012 conference included a general session on Disaster Management, and five other sessions featuring 24 classes with a wide range of topics. The attendance this year exceeded 260.

A full list of MTI courses and locations is available at