Police Imposters Found

Police have identified juveniles in the alleged police impersonation incident in Marquette County last weekend.

It happened on County Road 581 in Ely Township at about 11:30 Saturday night.

A young female driver said an unmarked pickup truck with a spotlight and a red light on the dashboard tried to get her to pull over.

She didn’t stop.

After numerous tips from the public and parent cooperation, the suspects were identified as juveniles that reside in that area.

The Marquette County Sheriff’s Department says a preliminary investigation shows that the juveniles were doing this as a prank.

So, if you’re being pulled over and you’re not sure if the stop is legitimate, how can you tell if the other vehicle is an imposter?

Police say a mobile phone can be very helpful.

An emergency dispatcher will help you figure out if you’ve been stopped by a genuine officer or if it’s a hoax.

Capt. David Lemire of the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department says it’s often as simple as calling 911.

And he says that even unmarked police vehicles are generally required to carry certain things.

Looking for one of those things — both red and blue lights as opposed to only red — can help sort out the situation.

Police have a few more tips.

You can drive to the nearest police station, sheriff’s office or state police post.

If you’re in a rural area, drive to a lighted public facility.

Also, don’t speed up or try to outrun the other vehicle.

Posted by: Mike Hoey