Pet Care in Wintertime

Veterinarians and animal advocates are asking you to not forget about your pets when the weather’s bad.

PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — is warning pet owners not to leave animals outside in bad weather.

Each year, PETA receives thousands of complaints about people who do leave pets outside in the cold.

Most animals are not equipped to handle cold or freezing temperatures for long periods of time.

Dr. Scott Jandron of Northern Veterinary Associates in Ishpeming says that it’s especially important to keep pets who are very old, very young or very small indoors.

Animals who are left outside will search for a place to keep warm.

You should also provide your pet with more food and water during the winter months.

Animals need to burn more calories than usual to stay warm.

And Dr. Jandron suggests you should be sure to wipe your pets’ legs, feet and stomachs after they come in from the snow.

Salt and other chemicals can make them sick if they ingest them.