Jobless Benefit Statements Available Online

Beginning February 1, 2012, Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency will make year-end 1099-G statements available online. The 1099-G statement, Certain Government Payments, provides the total taxable unemployment compensation issued to jobless workers. Other information detailed on the form includes state and federal income tax deductions, if the individual chose to have the taxes withheld.

According to a press release from the UIA, unemployed workers who have online claim web accounts with the UIA will be able to view and print their 1099-G statements from the agency’s website at

Those who wish to establish a free claim web account should visit the agency’s website and select “UIA Online Services for Unemployed Workers.” The online portal is available 24 hours a day from Monday through Saturday. Online users can view their benefits history, certify through MARVIN online, and communicate directly with the agency’s Virtual Problem Resolution team with questions and concerns.

The UIA website also features a quick tutorial on establishing a free claim web account and accessing unemployment benefits information available to online users. To access the tutorial, individuals should visit the UIA website, select webcasts and then select the webcast – “Claim Portal-Online Services for Unemployed Workers.”

Although the agency’s toll-free line (1-866-500-0017) continues to be in service, due to increased call volumes, the UIA encourages workers, if at all possible, to interact with the agency online.

In addition to being able to access the 1099-G statements online, those who collected unemployment benefits during 2011 will receive a hard copy of the statements via U.S. mail at the end of January.

Additional information about the 1099-G forms is available on the UIA web site. For more information about LARA, visit