U.P. Biz Leader is Guest at SOS address

State Rep. Matt Huuki, R-Atlantic Mine hosted an Upper Michigan business man to hear the governor’s State of the State address.

Huuki’s guests included Aaron Kadish, Director of Sales for Oldenburg Group Inc., Defense and Energy Division. OGI is an international leader in defense and commercial markets, providing a variety of industrial products. Kadish was raised in Grand Rapids and has since made his home in Gladstone.

“I was happy to attend the address alongside Rep. Huuki,” Kadish said. “As the governor and the Legislature moves forward with their plans, it’s going to be important that they continue to be mindful of the problems job providers face. I think we can all agree that though Michigan is improving, but we’re not quite there yet.”

According to a press release from his office, Huuki was handpicked by the Speaker to serve as a ceremonial escort to members of the Michigan Senate. During the State of the State address, members of the Senate join their representative colleagues in the House chambers. The lawmaker said that he appreciated much of the governor’s speech, and is looking forward to working with him on policies that respect the needs of the Upper Peninsula.

“I have and will continue to communicate to the administration the concerns of our local residents,” Huuki said. “As we continue the task of reinventing Michigan, the U.P. must be given all proper consideration in state policies. Many of our communities are struggling, and we need to bring to our area the jobs that help families thrive.”

He continued, to say, “I consider it my role to step forward in favor of policies that will help northern Michigan communities and oppose those that jeopardize local jobs or funds. Whatever the governor’s agenda or the direction of the Legislature, I am here to represent my constituents and stand up for their perspective and needs.”