Pioneer Surgical Continues to Expand

Marquette-based Pioneer Surgical® Technology continues to expand. The company has announced the grand opening of its newly expanded Greenville, North Carolina manufacturing facility. The location houses the primary manufacturing operations for Pioneer Surgical’s biologic products sold in the United States and Europe.

In a press release from the company, Shane Ray, General Manager of Biologics for Pioneer stated, “Since the creation of our biologics business unit in 2007, Pioneer has seen robust sales growth for our spine, orthopedic, and biologic products. Expanding our biomanufacturing facility to increase our capacity will assist in our aggressive future growth plans within and outside the USA. This expansion shows our commitment to the North Carolina area as well as our commitment to being a top tier provider of surgical products for bone and soft tissue procedures.”

Ray’s announcement comes on the heels of the launch of Pioneer’s nanOss Bioactive 3D, the newest addition to its flagship bone graft product line, nanOss Bioactive. It’s made from a crystalline material that Pioneer itself developed. Three-dimensional shapes are popular in spinal surgery, and the Bioactive 3D serves as a scaffold for the in–growth of new bone. Besides synthetic materials, grafts can be made from material donated by a bone bank. Material can also come from the patients themselves.

Pioneer Chief Communications and Compliance Cfficer Fred Taccolini, in an interview with ABC 1- earlier this month, said if it comes from the patient, the bone matter is usually taken from the pelvis, which means an additional surgery. He says the nanOss Bioactive 3D means less discomfort for the patient because of fewer surgeries.

Pioneer Surgical has been based in Marquette for 20 years now, but the nanOss Bioactive 3D is designed and manufactured at Pioneer facilities in North Carolina.