Zamboni TraIning

One of the most celebrated Marquette County hockey traditions is right around the corner.

The Pigs and Heat hockey game is in March.

This police versus firefighters game, for the second straight year there will have some very special guests participating.

Marquette Mayor John Kivela and city manager Bill Vajda will be honorary zamboni drivers for the event.

But before they can drive in front of a crowd they must spend time honing their skills.

Over the next few weeks each driver will get ice time to get to know the machine.

The Pigs and Heat hockey game is in it’s 29th year.

It’s goal isn’t about the score… It’s to raise money.

Dozens of families have had their hotel bills paid by the Pigs and Heat fund after their homes burned.

The 2012 game is march 7th at 7 P-M at the Lake View Arena in Marquette.

Written by Dan Gualdoni