Snow Tires are a Necessity

Many people don’t get around to having snow tires put on their vehicles before the snow starts falling. But once they find themselves slipping and sliding on the roads, it’s straight to the tire store.

Manager Rick Heinonen of The Tire Shop in Hancock says, if you haven’t already put them on, snow tires are well worth the trouble.

“Night and day difference,” says Heinonen. “If you’re going up an icy hill, it’s a lot more grip, a lot less spinning, especially with four wheel drive. The car hugs the road a lot better.”

Heinonen explains that snow tires are not like regular tires. “Snow tires are tires that are deigned just for winter use. You get extreme traction in the snow and ice.”

What makes snow tires better than All-Weather tires?

“The rubber compound is a softer rubber therefore you get better grip on ice.”

Now that it looks like winter is finally here to stay in the UP…it’s the perfect time to get those snow tires put on.

By Rick Allen