Mining Tax Worries County Board

Marquette county officials still feel uneasy about State Representative Matt Huuki’s proposed severance tax.

Members of the Marquette County Board and Staff met via teleconference last Thursday with Huuki and the State Treasurer.

The purpose of the meeting was to get accurate numbers in regards to the taxes impact on the community.

At a county board meeting two weeks ago Huuki told board members that his legislation is designed to be “revenue neutral.”

However many board members expressed Tonight, that they didn’t receive any answers from the teleconference meeting.

County officials are worried that the new tax could cost the area ten’s of millions of dollars in revenue.

Commissioner Gerry Corkin said “We got a real fight ahead of us”

Huuki also told Commissioner’s earlier in the month, that he wouldn’t support the bill unless the revenue stayed in the UP.

To the board’s understanding the proposed legislation is on hold.

The ore body is scheduled to be evaluated before February 10th.

Posted by Jen Cleary