Marquette Biz Celebrates First Decade

Longevity means everything in the business world, and reaching the ‘one decade’ mark can be a major milestone.

The Lake Superior Community Partnership recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Motions Fitness of Marquette in honor of their 10th Anniversary.

Those attending the ceremony were Lake Superior Community Partnership board member Tom Baldini, receptionist Vanessa Grignon, receptionist Janelle Storm, personal trainer Meghan Sarna, personal trainer Amber Kirkley, massage therapist Stephanie Felton, director of client services Melodie Alexander, director of personal training Travis Alexander, personal trainer Ricci Filizetti, personal trainer Ryan Pender, owner/personal trainers Sarah Koskiniemi and Mike Koskiniemi, personal trainer Brad Bush, owner’s mother Donna Koskiniemi, personal trainer Casey Madigan, owner’s father/person trainer Gary Koskiniemi, Mark Evans of Great Lakes Radio and Marquette County Ambassador Amy Clickner.

For over 10 years now, the team at Motions has continued to expand their knowledge and experience and have helped people lose over 100,000 pounds while fixing equal amounts of pain! The team at Motions will not rest until they know they have done their best to provide each and every person on the planet the very best fitness and nutrition systems in the world!