Internet helps Mqt. County Businesses

The Internet is one of the biggest tools available to companies.

And tonight, two members of the Marquette business community will be sharing how the Internet has helped them, and their businesses, thrive.

Getz’s Clothiers and QuickTrophy do much of their business online.

In fact, QuickTrophy is a 100% online company and, for the last decade for this business, online has been the way to go.

QuickTrophy president Terry Dehring says it started in 2000 as an Internet company that later expanded into traditional brick-and-mortar retail, not the other way around as is more commonly done.

But for those looking to use the internet as a selling point, there is some advice you may want to follow.

Dehring says you can’t just throw up a webpage and expect customers will come your way.

He says you have to put a lot of thought into a website that will engage customers, and you have to market the site so that customers and search engines can find it.

ABC 10’s Jen Cleary will have more coverage of the Economic Club meeting with Getz’s and QuickTrophy tonight at 11 on ABC 10 News Now.

Posted by Mike Hoey