Truck-vs.-Bus Crash in Marquette Twp.

A man was hurt this morning when his pickup truck crashed into a bus on US-41 in Marquette Township.

The Marquette County Sheriff’s Department says it happened shortly before 8:30 am, just west of Northwoods Road.

Police say 41-year-old Jonathan Mahler of Marquette was heading west in the outside lane when he lost control of his 2009 Toyota pickup.

He swerved across five lanes of traffic into the path of an eastbound Marquette Electricians hockey team bus.

45-year-old Rudolph Goupille of Negaunee was driving the bus.

Police say he saw the truck cross over into his lane and tried to avoid it, but a snowbank prevented him from doing so.

Mahler was treated at the scene and was then taken to Marquette General for further treatment.

There’s no word on his condition.

Police cited him for driving too fast for the road conditions.

Goupille was not hurt, and he did not have any passengers with him on the bus.

Marquette Township Fire and Rescue assisted at the scene.